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15 December, 2021

The Aesthetic Mastery EP - 03: Gluteal Anatomy for a Safe Augmentation with HA Fillers
17h UTC

In this webinar, our expert plastic surgeons present the safety guidelines for a gluteal augmentation procedure, discuss the region anatomy and present the most appropriate techniques to achieve the best results.

- ISAPS Safety guidelines
- Gluteal region anatomy
- HA filler augmentation techniques
- Experts Debate
- Q&A

1. Dr. Lina Triana - Plastic Surgeon - ISAPS Member / Colombia
2. Dr. Sebastian Cotofana - Plastic Surgeon/ USA
3. Dr. Athanasios Christopoulos - Plastic Surgeon / Greece
4. Dr. Fabio Fantozi - Plastic Surgeon/ Italy

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31-02 March/April, 2022

AMWC - BioScience
8h - 19h

BioScience will present Genefill products on the booth and on a Symposium held by our medical board and brand ambassadors.

Genefill Symposium:

Reshape buttocks in transgender patients with hyaluronic body fillers: Anatomy tips and Live Demonstration


-Anatomy of the buttocks in men and women: Their main differences, Dr. Fabio Fantozzi

-Live transformation of buttocks for transgender patients (male to female), Dr. Ducu Botoaca

-Discover all about the anatomy of the Jawline and Chin with Genefill DX, Dr. Athanasios Christopoulos

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3-5 June, 2022

IMCAS - BioScience
8h - 19h

BioScience is welcoming all of you to the 23rd edition of IMCAS World Congress 2022.

Genefill will be having its unique spot at the BioScience booth and it will be the host of the Symposium where experts will be given insightful lectures.

Agenda Symposium

-Live demonstration of the softness of Genefill Contour for hands Dr. Fabio Fantozzi

-The power of duo in Genefill DX, Dr. Athanasios Christopoulos

-Live demonstration: Transgender modification of gluteal area with Genefill Contour Plus, Dr. Ducu Botoaca


Injectables Session Grant:

Lecture: Inflammatory reactions with injectables (15:06) - Dr. Fabio Fantozzi

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